Workplace // Decor & Organisational ideas AD

Workplace // Decor & Organisational ideas AD
Last month i was challenged by WeWork to show off my working/blogging space, but as i don’t have a proper space to work i felt like it was fair to show you what i wish it was instead of what it is. Before i start let e introduce you to WeWork, they are coworking company that offers shared office space all over the world. Their network offers lots of benefits and discounts for members, along with a collaborative atmosphere and member networking platform.

As i said i won’t show you my real place of writting just because as i said i dont have one, it varies where i write becuse it depends on my inspiration it can either be in my bed (quick naps are inspirational), sofa, dinning table, dressing table or even in a coffee shop or the subway.

Most people say that to work/study you should have a organized and quiet place to concentrate and get inspiration from, but to fair that is just bulls**, whatever the space you have you should only decor/organise it as it fits your personality and the way you are and get stuff done easly. As i said sometimes i get stuff done in the tube because i look at someone and instantly i want to write about a certain trend, or i might be in bed as the rain drops and i write about “The confort of a rainy day“, it trully depends and i am not only talking about blogging but also writting songs, they come to me in the weirdst places you can imagine. 
Studying was always a funny task for me because when my firends were locked up in their bedrooms writting in silence i was always the one that would be with the headphones jamming some Avril Lavigne songs and tapping y feet or evn my pen on the table as i was reading sciences, sometimes i’d be in a coffee shop enjying a coke and doing maths stuff. What i am ust trying to say is that you have to adapt to whatever is the best way to keep you concentrated, therefore this is just what i would like my workspace to be although i still think i would end up in my cosy/warm bed with a cup of tea *jk*.
Hopefully you’ll get something from this blogpost, once again thank you to WeWork for the challenge. If you feel like you require that type of organization, calm and inspirational space take a look at their website.
If you are into Decor, or changing your dorm room make sure to check out my post on Dorm decor and organization essentials.
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  1. November 8, 2015 / 7:28 pm

    This was really helpful, thank you! Mind checking out my blog?
    thanks x

    • November 9, 2015 / 10:00 pm

      Hello Lily, thank you for visiting my blog 🙂
      I've checked your blog and added you on G+.

      Cat xx

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