The Comfort of a rainy Day

The Comfort of a rainy Day

It’s pouring rain outside, it is cold and cloudy, the weather in London is basically with PMS! Can someone just remember that it is not Winter already and that i would love just to appreciate Autumn first instead of just skipping to the next Season. London, just put your sh** together! *Excuse my French*
Auf ! Just had my moment to ramble and moan about this weather situation, thanks for listening! 
Anyways as i am typing this blogpost  next to my windowsill i can see the rain sliding down the window, and although i have moan before the simple fact of watching a drop slide down the window is somewhat relaxing. Guess i am getting old, or maybe i don’t have enough exiting things to do..
On days like this i find it really difficult to find the motivation needed to do the things i should really be doing, ’cause i dont know if it is only me but rain makes me feel so nostalgic.. maan! The feels…

As list freak that i am, i just make lists of what i need to do and prioritize them so i dont feel so guilty when i dont do a few of the things on list that are not so important. I tend to start with a slow morning, comfy socks on (Primark fluffy socks are the best) with my blanky, a book and a cuppa (of hot chocolate off course).
When i am finally happy i get to the stuff i need to do, which usually is study; reply to emails and blog..and blog.. and blog. Whilst doing all those things i snack and snack a little more, lately i’ve been loving roasted peanuts, cashews, avocado on toast and chilli rice crackers.
I know it sounds like i get a lot of stuff done, but lets face it.. i don’t! For real, even though i get my list of stuff to do i still miss loads of things and after a little moan i don’t even care anymore and blame it on the rain.
So, after like an hour of being pro-active i tend to go back to being a lazy year 25 old girl who rather be in bed watching Youtube videos and read blog after blog then go out to a shopping centre or get actual grown up stuff done. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to my boring world.

I end my evening with a LUSH bath, which by this time you already know i cannot live without my Lush buble baths with all those gorgeous scents and colours. My ultimate favourite is the Comforter with the Enchanter bath bomb, those colours and and scent just make me relaxed instantly. While pampering myself i listen to music and read either Fashion magazines (Elle vs Vogue) or read a book (currently reading Safe Heaven by Nicholas Sparks).

To finish off the day, why not some pizza? Or a burger? Chips? If the weather is allowed to throw a PMS tantrum i am allowed to get my PMS food. Just kidding….

Alright peps, i have moaned about my rainy days and now it is your time.. Let me know what you do on days like these. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little Thursday post and i’ll see you Sunday for another Fashion post.


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