50 random things about me

50 random things about me
So today i’m gonna do something different as you can tell by the title, i know most of you wont be interested as it is nothing related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle but i just thought that this is a personal blog and it was always meant to be for sharing little bits and pieces of my life and stuff that i’m interested and passionate about.
So, everybody has this thing going on on Youtube and i thought that it would be nice to have it on Blogger as well.
I know we had the Liebster award full of random questions in January, i know… But i thought it would be a fun thing to do around her in order to get to know each other better, soo… let’s make it fun and turn it into a Tag and nominate other bloggers.

We’ll have a very wordy blog post today!

Picture is old, but it was just to show you where i wrote this blog post.

50 random things about me.

 My name is Catia;

 I was born on the 17th of August in a city called Porto in Portugal, and I’m 24 years old now.

 I’m terrified of hairdressers because i hate chopping off my hair

 I’m a massive chocolate lover that i could eat every single day of my entire life. Everytime i go to Starbucks or Costa i have any drink sprinkled with chocolate, even in my Frappuccino.

♥ I’ve had 5 diaries/journals when i was a teenager and I literally wrote it until the last page. I must say it contains some juicy stuff, just kidding.

 When i was 10 i wrote a book about a girl, her life and dreams. The wirdest part of it is that most of it is happening now, like in a cronological order.

 I love all forms of art and I can’t understand people that don’t appreciate it. Lately i’ve been loving photography and enjoying to take pictures outdoors.

 I’m only child and honestly I never wanted a sibling because I was just very selfish.

 I moved to England 2 years ago with my best friend Lilly from missindependent.blogspot.co.uk

♥ I can’t watch the movie Lion King as my heart breaks to pieces. This was the first movie I went to watch on a movie theatre when i was about 6 years old, so when it got to the part that Simba’s dad died i started crying and screaming that i did not wanted him to die and that it was unfair to the point that people were laughing at me.

 I have a degree in nursing and now I’m specialising in midwifery.

 Drunk people make me nervous and very anxious and I rather not be close to them. If my friends drink I feel the need to keep on reminding them that they are drinking to much.

 I’m a feminist! And nop that does not mean that I hate men, i just truly believe in equality of gender.

♥ Vegetarian by option, It makes me cringe every single time I walk past a butchers.

♥  My favourite power ranger was the yellow one. Although i secretly wanted to be the pink power ranger because she was blonde.

♥  My celebrity crush is Adam Levine, that guy is danm hot!

♥  I’ve had a dog for my 18th birthday and I love her to bits. She’s 6 years old and still the most adorable thing ever.

♥ I have clef tattoo on my left wrist. I had it done in 2013 because I love music that much that I thought that maybe one day I won’t be able to remember about it so I have it on me.

 I love horse riding, I had classes for 4 years in a military training centre.

♥ If I was to choose another job it would be veterinarian

 I can’t stand rude people, a little bit sympathy does not hurt. “You are never fully dressed without a smile”- Sia

 I’m the worst swimmer ever, once I decided to all brave and swim in the deepest part of the sea with my cousin and through out the journey I kept on thinking to myself just keep on moving your feet or you’ll drown and die, and that’s how ridiculous i can be.

 My favourite colour is yellow, although i dont wear yellow. I’m weird I know 🙂

 I’m 5’4 tall and i wish i was taller.

 I get very anxious in crowded places and most times i don’t tell people about it. So you won’t see me shopping in Oxford Street on a weekend neither getting a train on Liverpool Street.

 My favourite character is Hello Kitty, i love her to the point that i even colect tags with her face on it.

 I’ve only started having interest in makeup from about 3 years ago.

 I’ve attempted to be goth for 3 months when i was 16, honestly now that i think about it, it was just to seek for attention after a breakup. Well in the end it wasn’t my thing.

 I wear contact lenses and without it i literally can’t see a thing.

 I wish i could go back in time so i could meet Audrey Hepburn, such an humanitarian and fashion icon.

 I love ballet, i’ve practiced for about 5 years and my favourite play ever is Swan Lake.

 My all time favourite movie is Chicago. But i love other movies like the notebook, Charlie St claud,  Marley and me, Love is the best drug.

 I absolutely hate chickpeas but I love humus which is made from chickpeas.

 Although i have a driving licence, I can’t drive in England as i m too scared of it.

♥ I‘ve got two nick names, in England they call me Cat and in Portugal everybody calls me Katy.

 Most times I hate my home made smoothies but I pretend I like it so other people drink it without saying anything. 😀

 I love to rap even though i suck at it.

 Water parks scared the hell out of me.

♥ I was bullyed in school until I was 13/14 and I used to make up lies so my teachers would not find out and tell my parents about it. I got to the point of lying and say that my parents were divorcing so that I could cry.

♥ I’ve only had one true relationship.

 My favourite fizzy drinks/sodas are: diet coke and sprite zero.

 I used to hate broccoli and now i can’t have a meal without it

 I laugh very easily and believe you me that once i start nothing will make me stop, not even a sore tummy.

 I’m constantly counting calories in my mind, I guess I’m too afraid to gain weight. Note that I totally love myself and my body now.

 I wanted to start a YouTube channel for a long time but I was too afraid that people would judge me and what my friends would say/think.

 I want to dye my hair with a few baby green highlights for a long long time but I haven’t done it because I afraid I won’t like it.

 People say that i have way too much energy and that i fight against sleep.

 I have no ability to take selfies without looking cross eyed, because I just cant look at the camera hole instead of my face.

 Im a very emotional person and cry very easily. If you start crying i most certainly will cry with you.

I nominate:

Fiza Malhotra from dasrockhaus
Lilly from missindepedent
Laura Moody from ibelongtothe60s
Melina Alt from melinaalt

Ps: Let me know a little bit about yourself, in does not have to be 50 things. I would love to get to know you, so please feel free to comment below with facts about yourself and if you have a blog and intend to do this leave the link as well.



  1. Elsa
    March 30, 2015 / 11:35 am

    You are so sweet Cat! I love the new layout and the new name it's so you.
    Keep posting! x

  2. Olja
    March 31, 2015 / 11:32 pm

    I do hope you get time to talk about bullies and stuff. I know it isn't your thing but it would be lovely of you if you could help some of your usual readers.

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