September ’18 Favourites | Crème de la Crème

September ’18 Favourites | Crème de la Crème

Uh, I cannot remember the last time I did monthly favorites. Technically this is more of a August & September faves rather than just this months, the reason being is that in August i was crazy busy with my family that i started writing it up but never fished it.


There’s quite a lot of stuff I wanna talk about, from makeup, new brands I’ve been loving, books, snacks, Netflix series and so much more. Let’s get going with my favourites, ’cause boy oh boy it is damn long.


Makeup, I love makeup and cannot stop buying it. This Summer I told myself that I was not gonna buy so much makeup anymore. Instead, I’d get good quality essentials and nothing else more. I mean, who needs ten lipsticks with the exact same shade but different brand?! I have so much stuff in my makeup storage that I don’t even remember.

Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Contour Concealer


Oh my goodness, I cannot praise this enough. I mean, it is definitely worth the hype, and whatever the beauty bloggers out there are saying about this “babe” it is so damn true.


All you need is a tiny dot on the spot you want to cover, like, literally a dot. Oh take my word for it, the applicator looks like it is on steroids or something, so make sure to use a tiny amount of concealer. It’s so good, full coverage that lasts all day, oh and the best part of it is that it doesn’t crease or get cakey like so many other concealers out there.


It retails at 22£ over on, but you can also get it at Sephora, Selfridges, Debenhams and other stores.

Smooth Operator – Amazonian clay pressed finishing powder


First and foremost, let’s appreciate the packaging for a minute. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?!
I’m not here for the pressed powders with shades, I don’t know I just don’t really like them. I bought this one because the one I had from Loreal just had finished and I was in need of another one.


This powder from Tarte is so darn good, oh my Gosh I cannot praise it enough. I have combination skin, that means that my face gets oily in some parts (nose and forehead) and dry in others (chin and cheeks). This stuff didn’t accentuate the dryness and it blotted out any shiny parts on my forehead and nose.


It retails at 27£, which I understand it is a bit expensive on a budget but a little goes a long way with this powder, so perhaps, in the long run, it’s not that bad. If you can’t just give out 27£ you can buy the Loreal match perfection translucent loose powder for about 6.99£.


So, I bought this activity book back in January when I was strolling around Bath, United Kingdom. It was so damn cold in Bath at the time and I saw a Waterstones with a coffee shop, so myself and my housemate went in for a cuppa, whilst at the bookstore, we browsed the shelves and I found this activity book that I thought it would be great to entertain myself inflight.

The book is so much fun, it basically gives you something to write about, literally as if you were writing a mini-essay for school. The funny part is that you write about the most random things and the weirdest stories.

When I first started writing in it was in a moment where I was actually quite down and had a panic attack earlier that day, and that helped me so much you guys have no idea. It took my mind off things for a while and I cannot tell you how great that felt. If you suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks, this book could be quite handy to have. I now tend to start writing in it when I’m stressed or when I start feeling my anxiety kick in.

Ps: I did a whole post the books you should read during Summer but you can always read them now. Click HERE to read about it.


Who doesn’t love snack hey! I can tell you that right now I have a bag of sweet and salty propercorn popcorn bag with me while writing this post. Usually while writing I like to have salty snacks for some reason and when relaxing I like sweet things. Is anyone else like that?!


At the beginning of the year, I was watching a “What I eat in a day” YouTube video, and I believe it was Kalel that added crispy seaweed things to her sushi bowl, so I ordered a pack of Itsu sweet soya crispy seaweed snack to try and boy oh boy I loved it. Now, I don’t eat it with other foods I quite like them as a light snack. I love the taste, texture, I mean I love everything about it. If you like sushi, the seaweed around it what I am talking about but in a crispy and flavoured way. They are vegan, gluten-free so it is perfect.


What about you? What your fave snack?

Netflix & TV series


When PLL finished I was gutted, couldn’t find anything as catchy as that, so I thought until I started watching Big little lies. It’s been a whole year since Big Little Lies premier back in 2017, but me being me.. i literally just watched it. Man that was so catchy, i started by buying the first episode on ITunes to watch on a flight back home, and i just knew it was something i was about to binge watch when I’d land. And so it happened, i just couldn’t stop watching it, the plot is great and the actors were amazing. 


Don’t wanna be giving out some spoilers, ’cause it’s been pointed out to me that I am no good at explaining things without spoiling anything. But having said that, I don’t think there’s much to spoil since the series came out a year ago. “A murder exposes the problems of the seemingly perfect community of Monterey, California. In this quiet town, crime can be the fruit of secrets and rivalries involving three mothers of local school children.”


Over on Netflix, I started watching “The good place” and I cannot tell you even how funny it is. Oh my freaking God, the idea of this series is genius, funny, lighthearted and so so easy watching. It’s basically the story of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kirsten Bell) who wakes up and discovers that she died and entered the afterlife. But when she is informed by her mentor Michael that she is in the “good place” because of her good deeds, helping to bring innocent people out of the death row, she realizes that a mistake has been made because people think she is another person with the same name.


If you are a fan of comedies and Kirstin Bell, then you’ll love it.


There’s a couple other tv series that I watched which I liked but did not love. They were: “The forest” and “Safe. They’re both Dramas that involve missing people, murders and investigations. Short series of about 8 episodes but I believe one of them will have a second season as of what I overheard.




I’m actually using one of the gadgets I wanna talk about. I’ve been wanting to buy a keyboard for my IPad for ages, so I bought one at the airport a few months back. It’s so convenient, the keyboard has a case & stand for the iPad which is actually very nice and handy.


I can write anywhere now, I take it with me when I travel instead of taking my big portable computer. It is lighter, easier to store and fabulous when you’re on a plane and have to email, journal, write down thoughts about the trips and also write blog posts while away.


The only downside to it is that because you have to use Bluetooth your IPad battery won’t last that long. But, apart from that battery issue, the keyboard was one of my Best Buy’s and I’m loving it.


Milk Frother


This flipping changed my breakfast game! I love matcha latte and cappuccinos, they’re my favourite and my go-to beverages when getting a warm drink at a coffee shop. I tried and tried to replicate cappuccinos at home and I always ended up with coffee and milk, same with matcha latte which I always drank more powder than drink.


I bought the milk frother and some matcha powder over on amazon, and that’s how my breakfast pleasure began. I start by adding a teaspoon of matcha powder and 50 ml of water to my milk frother and let it do its magic for a minute, then I pour it into a mug and I start frothing my rice or coconut milk (200MLS) and the ta-da yummy matcha latte done!




  1. Bella
    October 15, 2018 / 2:09 am

    Oh my goodness! You gotta watch Good girls you’ll your ass out xxx

    • Cat
      November 6, 2018 / 1:57 am

      I’ve heard of it! I’ll give it a try xx

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