Self esteem & Body loving

Self esteem & Body loving
Before i go into the thing that brought me here let me just update you on how the festival was. So has you know i went to Wireless Festival in London on Sunday, it was amazing.. i hate crowds as you all know but honestly it was not bad on Sunday. I went mainly for Nicki Minaj as i am a majooooor fan of her, even though everyone was faffing around the fact that she was two hours late that she did not perform as much as we all want i just wanna say that those 35 minutes she performed were worth it and better late than not even making an appearance (honestly it was not her fault to be late, anyway). I had a great time with my housemate in the festival, got to see a few bloggers there as well. And as a fashion lover i kept my eyes wide awake for what everyone was wearing. Y’all know how to dress for a festival in a comfy a cool way (wink). Check out my INSTAGRAM account for pictures!!
Today i thought i’d talk about a thing that has been bothering me to watch it happen all over the world, body shamming, low self esteem, bullying and many other things related to looks.

Oh Summer, the hot weather, the sun, the beach, bikinis… and the never ending idea of the beach body. I can´t remember a time where people were not worrying about their bodies and their weight, planning every single meal and exercise whenever the Spring season starts in the hopes to achieve the bikini body just in time for Summer. Well, i was like that up to a few months ago, i was used to hope for results overnight and weigh myself continuously in the hopes of seeing the scales change towards the weight i wanted but never was i doing an healthy diet neither exercising as i should.
I’ve always struggled with maintaining an healthy weight and there was a point in my adolescence where i was obese and for lots of time it didn’t even bothered me at all as all i wanted was to satisfy my sweet tooth, you know that part when you start getting into boys and you feel like they don´t look at you because of your looks and that you don´t belong in the body you’re tied to when that hited me hard at that time and made me lose weight by exercising four times a week and by starting to eat healthy. Though that was not for long, i managed to get to the figure i wanted though you just make excuses to yourself when you stop loving who you are and forget about you wanna be. I was just like most people on a constant yo yo diet where i would lose weight and then gain it again and sometimes even putting on more weight than i had before.
December last year as always i’ve made my New years resolutions for this year and “lose weight” was there as it always been since i known myself, but when 2015 began i had a look at that piece of paper that i only see as a reminder of what i want to tick over the year and i crossed of the lose weight. Wanna know why? I’ve realized that i am just beautiful the way i am, and that i should only try to be healthy and not lose weight.
As you know i’ve changed my diet to vegetarian but i’m still working on to be vegan instead, once again it wasn’t for my weight but my health and for the environment. From 2 weeks ago me and my housemate started to workout 4-5 times a week to tone up our body, improve our resistance, gain muscle and maintain a good health. Have i lost loads of stones? No! Do i feel better? Hell yah! I love the way i feel less stressed, relaxed, happy, just physically happy.
Loving yourself and who you are is the key to be happy, stop for a second and remember what you love in the end of the day – your wellbeing! Stop being so critical about yourself, i’ve been there too…Look where i am now, i love who i am and the way i am! Bullies? I had them too and i know it’s hard, believe me i know what i’m talking about, they are just people as frightened as you but with stupid coping strategies. Stand tall, be who you wanna be, appreciate life and most importantly love yourself!
No matter what life puts you up to remember that you are capable of achieving anything you want as long as you trust yourself and never give up. The only person that should tell you that you can be a better person is yourself, you’ve got the key that leads you to your ideal self.. Will you open that door? Embrace life, it only gets better if you allow it to. 
If i could say something to my younger self, those would be the exact words.
Hope this has been helpful to any of you out there that need to read from someone who’s been in the same position as you are. If you need anyone to talk know that i’m always here and that you can reach out to me via email, comments or any social media.
Stand tall.. Stay strong!


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