Review| Teatox by BooTea.

Review| Teatox by BooTea.
Hello sweeties,
I guess Springs starts today.. ahhh Oh hey, i’m so glad, although in London the sun does not want to shine as much as it should today. Maybe because Summer is literally just around the corner, everybody on Instagram seems to be going on and on about their beach vacations and all the things they have to do to achieve that Megan Fox bikini body as soon as they can. And that’s when i read about the brand Bootea and their detox programs with just a cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening, and i just had to try. The day i got it sent i posted a picture of the packaging on Instagram a nd not only people commented saying that i need to do a review but you seemed to want the most honest review ever as plenty of you guys want to know if it is worth the money and most importantly if it works as they advertise.
“I’ll perform a much needed, intensive cleanse of your digestive system to help achieve the results you want. I’ll leave you feeling energised and motivated to reach your goals.”
If you are not familiar with this detox program let me enlighten you so we are in the same boat. The Bootea both the 14 and 28 Day Teatox are designed to increase your metabolism, burn calories and fat, help your food digestion and reduce appetite. You can chose either program as the only difference is the strength of the tea, i went for the 28 day programme as i was quite scared of big changes as you’ll understand later in the post.
Daytime Detox 
To be consumed every day
Ingredients: Chinese Oolong tea, mate leaves, ginger root, fennel seeds, lemongrass, dandelion leaf, ginseng root, gotu kola leaves, nettle leaves. 
Review: I must say that this one was my favourite, the flavours were blooming delicious, great to start your day. Although it tastes really good i didn’t really felt that amazing boost of energy that they claim to have. But believe it or not it does help with your digestions and cravings during the day, another thing that i’ve noticed was that i wasn’t that hungry as well. How cool is that? I have so many cravings during the day that you cant even imagine.
Bedtime Cleanse
To be taken every other night. 
Ingredients: Senna leaves, peppermint leaves, fenugreek seeds, liquorice root, burdock root, hawthorn leaves, valerian root, psyllium seeds. 
Review:  The taste is not the best honestly.that’s because the main ingredient is Senna Leaves. The reason for this is the Bedtime Cleanse and you can take every other night is because it works as a laxative. And belive you me, it does really work!! So your body wouldn’t be able to cope with this every day, that’s why you should’t be taking it night.
Results/Overall review
Itself, all alone it does not work when it comes to losing weight. If thats the main reason you want to buy the tea, well sorry to disappoint you but it does not work if you dont ave a balanced diet and workout.Bootea have an eating plan on their website which they say you’re meant to follow to get maximum results from the teatox however you’re not meant to eat dairy products or poultryApparently nothing in this life comes easy, and losing weight if one of those things. It does reduce your appetite and controls your digestions, so if your problem is more on the craving side of things you are covered.
When it comes to detox, tthis tea works as it cleans all the impurities that you might have on your body. Although they say the skin should improve, i did not noticed any changes on my skin that i could relate to drinking tea but because i was drinking more water.
Would I recommend it?
Yes, i would recommend it! (and no, their are no sponsoring me.)
It is quite expensive (34.99£ Holland & Barrett) for the changes i’ve seen. Though if you are looking for something with all natural ingredients, drinkable and that aids you to lose weight than that’s the product for you. Don’t expect miracles, as i’ve said before nothing will happen if you dont eat healthy and workout, the detox program is only here to help you on you process not to do it for you.

Did i lost weight?! Nop, i did not! But i wasn’t following their diet plan neither working out as much as i should. I felt really great in myself whilst doing the program, i was never bloated or with that horrible feeling of heartburn and indigestion. My night time cravings were gone, and funny enough, i did not get the cravings back when i’ve finished the program, so hurray!!
If you have nut allergies, the tea is packed in a factory in the Uk were they handle nuts. Be carefull!
Just a quick note.

Don’t lose weight or change the way you are for anyone. Nowadays society seems to be looking at everybody differences and somehow turning them into flaws, you are beautiful just the way you are and you dont need to change for anyone besides yourself. You determine the rules and the way you wanna be in this world, if you wanna lose weight do it for you and for your health not to fit in this idea of beauty that social media and weird society created.
Remind yourself every day that you are gorgeous!!

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.” – Audrey Hepburn



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