Review | Skinny Teatox

Review | Skinny Teatox
Hellooo fellow friends!!
How’s things? Me i’ve been having some down days, with so many freaking doubts. I guess sometimes you just need to ignore the world, dive into something that you really love and then,, just then think about what has been bothering you. For me it was quite easy as i know for sure what makes me happy, i just turned everything off (including social media), lit some candles, prepeared my studio and sang my lungs out the whole day and then had a bubble bath where i managed to put my thoughts in place.
I do apologize for my content being so on and off, but you know how i am and i’m back for good. By now you might be thinking what the hell am i rambling about ’cause ya’ll came here to read the review and not my moans. Oh well.. that’s me, rambling and moaning away. Right, let’s gt into the topic then (Aff*).
I am a good fan of all teas and this is not my first detox review (Bootea review here) and certainly wont be my last, i love trying out new things and just blab out what i think about it as if someone would care of what i think (ahaha). I aint any dietitian neither nutricionist, though i am a fan of helathy food a being fit for healthy reasons, and just to clarify this blog post is not part of any promotion.


Contains: malva verticellata, cassia angustifolia (senna leaf), cascara sagrada, arctostaphylos uva ursi, ginseng, liquorice, chrysanthemum, orange peel, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb and ginger.
(Whatch out for allergens)

Not recommended for under 18’s!
The pack comes with a 14 Day supply of premium loose leaf tea and 14 Day supply of detox weight loss tea. Alongside with the teas, you’ receive a leaflet that has loads of top tips including instructions and what to eat while doing the detox regime. They claim that the tea will promote weight loss, burn calories, boost your metabolism, cleanse, detox your body, suppress appetite and increase energy levels.

Daytime Detox
To be consumed every day
Review: It comes in a packet with the dried leaves, which you just need a teaspoon of leaves on your tea. I must say that this one was my favourite comparing to Bootea, the flavour is good and very easy to drink as it tastes like a normal tea, it is great to start your day and for me personally it does not make me crave for coffee.
Definitely noticed a difference in terms of bloating which is great, and like the Bootea it does help with your digestions and cravings during the day.
Bedtime Cleanse

To be taken every other night.
Review: The taste is not the best honestly. but it is slightly tastier that Bootea but ladies that taste comes that’s from the main ingredient which is Senna Leaves. It this at this point that you do the Detox, and you can take every other night and the reason why is because it works as a laxative. I’ve looked up and there’s insufficient evidence that senna promotes weight loss, but i definitely noticed some changes in my body Although i think it works, senna can contribute to stomach discomfort, cramps, and diarrhea. I did not had any of those symptomes but whatch out for it if you do try this tea, if that happen to you just stop it as recommended by the brand.
Results/Overall review

Itself, all alone it does not work as the other teas i’ve tryied when it comes to losing weight. If thats the main reason you want to buy the tea, well sorry to disappoint you but it does not work if you dont have a balanced diet, cut out the bad things in your diet and workout at least twice a week. The teatox has a small plan on the leaflet and a better eating plan on their website which they say you are supposed to follow to get better results from the teatox. 
It does suppress your appetite which help a little bit not to crave as well, so you have the craving side of it covered so that is not a problem. The night tea, the taste is slightly strong but i feel like it is soothing and calming and trully detoxify and revitalise your body. It cleans all the impurities that you might have on your body.
If you wanna try but you’re not to keen on the flavours they’ve released a version that you def will love, the MINT version.. If you are interested head over to their website to try ($35). If you wanna check out my other review about teatox click here or if you wanna check my daily eats you can click here!
Baes, just quick side note ma loves..Don’t lose weight or change the way you are for anyone it should be for yourself and for you health. Nowadays society seems to be looking at everybody differences and somehow turning them into flaws, you are beautiful just the way you are and you dont need to change for anyone besides yourself. You determine the rules and the way you wanna be in this world, if you wanna lose weight do it for you and for your health not to fit in this idea of beauty that social media and weird society created.
Remind yourself every day that you are gorgeous!!
Cat xx


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