November Favorites | Beauty, Fashion & other ramblings

November Favorites | Beauty, Fashion & other ramblings
Hello eveyone!
Y’all know the drill, it is that time of the month again (i know what you’re thinking) were i get to show you what i have been loving this month. Though usually i just talk about beauty and fashion stuff i thought i’d include a few more things to the list of things i have been loving because i’m not always obsessed with makeup and stuff but i also have other passions and i thought it would be interesting to talk about other ramblings.
Fashion – Knitwear

Theres is a new brand on the block!! I found a new brand called LINDEX via an Event from ELLE magazine, which i have been loving at the moment. They do all things fashion for both woman a kids, but they also do beauty products. Lindex have opened two stores in London in Westfields (Stratford and Shepards Bush) but they also sell online, they are quite similar to New Looks price ranges and they sell trendy clothes. The jumper i am wearing as been on of my favourites this moth, i love how warm and cosy it is for those cold Winter days.

I read load of blogs and watch about the same amount of youtubers, i love to see what they are up to and what they are loving throughout the months. This month i thought it was a good idea to include them as they have been part of my month, i have been watching Just Jodes over on Youtube and reading In The frow blog. Although Victoria from In the Frow has a Youtube channel i kind of prefer to read her blog instead, the layout is jus perfect and the way that she writes is very inspirational that you guys should take a look. Just Jodes is a really nice Youtuber that has a huge smile that makes your day a lot happier, she covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle mainly on her channel. 

The idea of buying this book came from reading my housemate’s old blog post about adult colouring books for stress relieving, at first I was quite sceptical but as i was having a few down days i thought i’d give it a try. Well, let me just tell you that as non patient person the first time i’ve tried it is was quite funny and nerve wracking at the same time. I am very very impatient so i was getting anxious and nervous because it was taking ages for me to finish page one, but as i kept of colouring the drawing it became slowly relaxing and i stopped thinking about ending the colouring as soon as possible. Since then i have been loving my colouring book for adults and i totally recommend you buying one, they are about 3.99£ each at your local supermarket. 

Music has always been my thing, i just think music helps out in good and bad times. I have never been a Belieber but this moth i have been totally loving a few of Justin Biebers songs being “Sorry” my ultimate favourite so far. Ariana Grande is also not one of my favourite artists and i must confess that i hated the song “Focus” on the day it came out but somehow the damn song does not get out of my head since then and now i absolutely love it. Now, i didn’t knew Zara nor Mnek at all but this song as been on my mind since it came out, you gotta listen to it.
Beauty | Makeup & Body Works
Funny enough, this month i haven’t loved loads of things when it comes to beauty stuff which for me its very weird but anyway i thought i’d share some cool products that i have used the most this month. The lipstick above is from Makeup Revolution and i own that lipstick for at least 3 months now, but this month as been by far the one i have used the most. It comes in mate light burgundy shade and the name is “Rebel with Cause”, it is just perfect for Autumn/Winter and the price is 2.99£ which may i just say how freaking good it is. As i said it is cheap even for a drugstore product, i may say that you have to re-apply every single time you eat/drink because it does not stay on for that long. The coverage and pigmentation are fantastic, i have only applied it twice on my lips to have the color you see in the picture.
As per the body products you see from LINDEX, they are very cheap and extremly good. The sugar scrub is by far my favourite from the collection, it works very well living my sking so soft after showering and the smeel is jus amazing.
Before i finish off the blog post, apologies for being absent (kind of on and off) but to be fair with you life has been pretty boring lately, so you can imagine the joy of today is the caramel waffle that i am eating whilst i’m writing in a Coffee shop (by the way there’s a guy trying to read my post, must be a reader *laughs*). I mean… we all have those days or weeks (tbh) were you feel like life just stopped for a while and doesn’t seem to want to move forward, but those days are about to change while i switch onto my Christmas mode.
With apologies done and explanations given let me highlight what i’ve been thinking about for this Christmas, i thought of doing a every day Christmas inspired posts, meaning that i would post every single day throughout December with Christmas/Winter fashion looks, Tags, Gift guides and ideas, Wish Lists, Guests, Baking, Makeup tutorials and so much more. I just believe Christmas has a lot of topics to cover and that would be a fun thing to do, i also thought of doing a few videos as i was told that it was easier to understand my makeup tutorials and my hauls this way. Do let me know if this would be something that you’d like me to do and i would be more than happy to start writting and filming straight away. From tomorrow on, you’ll have me every single day here on the blog. Make sure you are subscribed to my social media accounts so you know when a new post is coming up.


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