Make yourself at home | Dorm Essentials Edition

Make yourself at home | Dorm Essentials Edition
Starting University can be difficult for some of us, it can be very overwhelming especially if you have to move away from your hometown, family and friends. Not only being in a different city is very difficult but it is also an emotional time and for easily anxious people its even harder to be without family and friends. Personally what made me feel happy while i was decorating my dorm was to make sure i felt at home by including a little something of everyone i love in the room.
So for those of you who may be starting university this month, or even going back for another year, i’ve decided to do this post to help you on what to pack and what to buy in order to make your dorm as familiar as possible.
As an easily overwhelmed person that i am i need to make list, long list of what i need to do, buy and pack as well as identify every single box i am taking with me. And now, i dont have OCD but i just find it easier this way so the stress dont make you forget things and then you’ll be even more anxious when putting everything together in the room.
I’ll show you a few pictures of what i have in my own room that make it really familiar, as well as a few essentials that i would personally buy from my favourite shops that hopefully will give you a few ideas.
Bedding & Cushions
Decor & Wall art

Leisure & Relaxing times
Family & Friends

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