Life as it is

Life as it is
Hello sweeties,
Just wanted to let you know that this post wont be what you are used to read, but it will be about something that has been bothering me in the past few days. After receiving an email from a reader asking for advice it got me really thinking about little things in life that i’ve decided to post as there maybe someone else out there in the world who relates with this.
Life can be complicated and very very strange sometimes, if you experience happiness and sadness in the same day some people just go ahead and call it PMS just ’cause you’re a girl. People will be mean to you just because they want to and don’t care about anything but themselves, sometimes i wonder if they are the ones that are right in they way of thinking about themselves building up their own ego every single day that nothing can defeat them.
Not only the sky has bad days and gets cloudy but we do as well, life isn’t always easy and yes it get us to wonder if we deserve it like that. But know that in the end of every storm there will always be a rainbow full of personal growth and positive matters. Only great fighters manage to get through those big storms and learn something from it in wonderful way that they get to grow their inside happiness even in hard times. You!! Me!! We are all fighters in our own way!!!
Think about yourself a little bit more, learn that you are beautifull just the way you are and that one should be allowed to tell you otherwise!



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