July Favourites // Fashion, Beauty, DIY &Homeware

July Favourites // Fashion, Beauty, DIY &Homeware

Looks like is the end of July, where has the month gone. I went so freaking quickly! As it is the end of the month, it is time for another favourites post. Wait until the end of the post for a few updates and a lil something that i want your help with.

FASHION // Accessories

1) In the First picture I am wearing a straw hat from H&M, I wore this hat every single day during my beach holidays. Hats are pretty; stylish, protective and it will keep you from squinting in the sun. This hat is super good and it was only 7.99£, it comes in camel or black with a satin bow. [BUY HERE]

2) The Necklace was given by my grandmother last Christmas, but the pendant is new but was also given by my nanny. Who has a great nanny?! ME!! Well, it is a silver shimmery rose with a flush-set cubic zirconia. It costs £55, and it is really beautiful. [BUY HERE]
3) Sunglasses!! As well as the hat, it is really important to wear when it’s sunny outside to protect you from the UV rays. Also they look great and easily complete a fashionable style, this particular sunglasses are from ROMWE.com and were 1.99£. Pretty and cheap, what else? [BUY HERE]
BEAUTY // Skin Care & Makeup

 1) I am an absolute fan of Elizabeth Arden products though sometimes I find them a little bit expensive. I bought this collection at TkMaxx for holiday and let me just tell that this is blooming amazing and I am thinking of buying the full size. It comprises 4 products from their range for oily skin, includes: moisturizer, face scrub, serum and a tonic. I really helps with oily skin, the scent is really good and serum in the morning makes miracles by making me look more awake.The only down side of the products is the Tonic as i am not a big fan of those, I would kinda wanted it to be a face wash. The price was 9.99£ at TkMaxx, a bargain for Elizabeth Arden. [BUY HERE]

2) Damn it, this mascara is great!! I do not wanna sound bias because I am a representer of the brand, but it is really great. I can´t really compare it to the previous one they had because I’ve never tried it, but this one make my lashes look like they are fuller, like if had extensions on my lashes (which by the way i really want to do ahah). It is not the cheapest mascara ever, as it costs 23£, but if it is anything like the other it will last long but this one promises to give you 400% volume. They have sold loads of those and there is plenty of reviews out there in case you think I am bias. [BUY HERE]

3) Rimmel is one of my favourite drugstore brands, being their lipsticks the ones I always run too. I have got loads of favourite lipsticks from Rimmel Kate Moss (including Red nose day edition), but this one I find it so pretty and feminine that I have been using it every other day. I feel that it goes with every single look I have, it is a nude pink (n.º38) that I personally think that it looks beautiful in everyone. It has a slight (very subtle) shimmer to it, it’s cheap (5.49£), it moisturizes your lips and it is long lasting (pretty good for drugstore – 6h), though I am one of those that keep applying lipstick throughout the day **silly** [BUY HERE]
HOMEWARE // Candles, book & DIY

1) I’ve only came across this brand of candles a few months ago when I was browsing in TkMaxx’s Homeware are. If you want a good candle it usually costs hell of a lot, like White company (pretty good but expensive as hell). DW is a brand that does scented candles that make the room smell great in just 20 minutes. Lavender is one of my favourite scent as well as the 1996 collection, it costs about 12.99£, though you can get it cheaper at TkMaxx. [BUY HERE]
2) Since I have turned vegetarian I have been trying to find good cookbooks, with easy but good recipes. Ella is a blogger who struggled with food when she was dealing with a relatively rare illness. Her book comprises healthy but tasty recipes, that will make you feel good. You can buy her book over on AMAZON.com by 9.99£ hardcover.
3) Last but not least, i have been absolutely in love with DIY’s. Its pretty unusual for me as I lack patience to do DIY stuff that I always end up getting it wrong. Because no..not all blogger can do cool Tumblriii and Pinterestiiii stuff.. I found this Marmite vase in a coffee shop and found it so cool that made me wanna try and do stuff like this. Hopefully I’ll get it right and will post it later on. 


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