International Children’s day| Old photos

International Children’s day| Old photos
Happy International Children’s day, sweeties!

As it is International Children’s day i thought i’d share with you a little bit about me. This blogger that refuses to grow up, just because being a grown up is kind of boring and brings out a lot of responsibilities. I have a few pictures from when i was little, and some captions/facts as well. The quality of the pictures are not that great though, i’m sorry for that.
My mom found out that she was pregnant with me the day before Christmas, i guess i was her Christmas present! haha I was born around 23:45 on the 17th of August 1990 in a city called Porto in Portugal.

According to my mom, i started walking really early and since then no one could ever stopped me. Was never good with teeth as they grown really really late, just so you know i could speak complete sentences and sing without having a single tooth.


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