How many likes is my life worth

How many likes is my life worth

The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.


Let’s face it, half of your life is on social media. How many times did you snap and shared a photo of a meal that you didn’t actually enjoy? How many times have you posted a staged photo? Is it worth having an ice cream if you’re not literally shoving it in other peoples faces?


Don’t get me wrong, I do love social media and all its perks. I mean, I have a blog for heaven’s sake, but being offline for a while was probably one of the best things I have ever done. Think we can all agree that sometimes it all gets too much.


We chose to live a non-real life, a lie even. It’s like we have to step up our game better yet, ourselves just to maintain a “cool” public view. How many times were you jealous of someone else’s life? How many times did you envy someone’s body? Hey! Don’t you make that face, we’re all a little bit guilty of that. As I’m writing this post I can remember the number of times I’ve wanted to be something I’m not.


Just on the other day, I’ve returned from the dead after being offline for over 6 months on all the social network. That day I shared a photo of myself in a bath full of flowers in Bali. In between all the comments of how pretty the bath looked and people saying they wished they were there too, someone said that my life was perfect. Girl, it took multiple photos until I found the one where my arms weren’t too big, no uncovered areas (no nudes, Jk*) and so many other flaws I looked for. I saw the flaws in all of them, even in the one I posted. But you, that said my life/I was perfect… you didn’t see them.


It’s not the first time someone says that my life is perfect, let me break it down to you that no one’s life is perfect. We just chose to show what we think will get everyone’s approval and that one photo that will get multiple likes. Because after all, what matters is the number of likes we get. Our life gets measured in likes, it is sad but in this day and age, it seems to be all that matters. You hear the young teens talking in the tube, comparing and bragging about the number of followers they have on the”gram”, sharing tips and tricks, paying for fake followers and likes even.


I was part of the group that would get sad over Instagram pictures of other people, one of those that felt miserable over someone else body, envious even at someone’s travel pictures, angry at the number of likes I’d get on Instagram. And then… I took a break from Instagram, came back to it and it made not so happy again and so I took a break again. Sometimes you just have to part ways from social media in order to embrace yourself, and that just makes me sad, you know. I’ve grown to not let these things affect me, likes don’t matter, and other people’s lives are other people’s lives. While I’m contemplating their lives, for sure they are also contemplating other people’s lives. 


Self LOVE, confidence isn’t something that can be taught by someone else, you can hear all this great advice but ultimately it has to come from within you. I’ve learned to love myself when I took my break, so I highly recommend it!


Let me ask you. How many likes is your life worth? Did you get the world’s approval?


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  1. Bella
    September 14, 2018 / 11:40 pm

    It’s so darn true.

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