Healthy foods to eat before sleeping time

Healthy foods to eat before sleeping time
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a bad night sleep and you dragged yourself to do any tasks? Let’s take this journey together and explore why and how we can change it, based on a Doctors feedback on what to eat before a good night of sleep and what changes we’ve made to make it even better. Without further due, lets get into it!
I found myself each day dragging myself out of bed and to work, tired, weak, and in pain. My doctor gave me some incredible advice that changed my life forever. He simply said that I needed a better mattress and that I must change the foods that I eat before having a night sleep. So the first thing I did was go online to Cutprice Mattress and upgrade the mattress on my double size bed. The next thing i did was stock the kitchen with the top healthy foods that my doctor said would improve my night sleep.
Foodies – What to eat before bed time?
The first thing my doctor told me would be best right before bed was milk and cereal. I had been eating these when I wake up eat day, but he told me that if I ate them before bed i would see incredible changes in my focus, stamina, and well-being. The combination of proteins and carbohydrates produce serotonin, which has a calming effect on the body. I also tried oatmeal, fruit, cheese, and cottage cheese, noticing I fell asleep more rapidly and did not wake up all night long any more.
The next type of healthy food I tried was passion fruit. If you can find this delicious fruit in your local supermarket, stock up on it while you can. This fruit will allow you to get some serious sleep tonight, because it contains somniferum, similar to the power of sleeping pills. I usually eat this fruit as is, but you can also use it as a tea or juice if you prefer. If this fruit is hard to find, consider buying a bunch of bananas and eating one before bed. The banana contains extremely high levels of the magnesium, which can act like a muscle relaxant and have you drifting off to sleep more rapidly. I try to eat one with cereal and milk to get the full impact of these healthy foods.
Lastly, if you are just looking for something to drink that will benefit you while you sleep, purchase a container of cherry juice from the supermarket. Tart cherry juice is wonderful to use as a sleep aid, allowing you to fall asleep faster than you have ever before. Drinking just a couple glasses before bed will allow you to sleep over a half hour longer each day. Consider making yourself a fun smoothie before bed instead of that sugar filled snacks. Mix the cherry juice, banana, milk, and ice cubes in your blender, and this delicious drink will provide you the best night sleep you have had in years.
What are your thoughts about this topic? Any other top tip? Has this helped you in any way? Feel free to let me know in the comments bellow and make sure to hit that like button if you’ve enjoyed it. Share it with your friends!
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