Autumn essentials – Trends guide

Autumn essentials – Trends guide
Gosh! It’s September already, how did this happen?
Time just keeps flying this year, and honestly i didn’t even noticed that i had a Summer. Thanks a lot London!
Anyways, i don’t even know why i am moaning about because one of my favourite seasons is about to come. I mean, who doesnt love Autumn?! The season of bonfires, cosy pyjama parties, movie nights, chunky clothes and boots. Oh men, I just love Autumn!
Autumn/Fall (as you wish) brings the best colours by mixing up the nostalgia of summer’s end and the beautiful transformations of the nature, colours like hot orange; flame red; khaki; black; warm rust and mulled claret will be your best friends this season. 
Let’s skip the pep talk and get to business, let me introduce you to a few fashion items that you’ll definitely will need in your wardrobe. So without further do, here’s the Autumn/Fall essentials guide.
1-Khaki green sweater 10.120£ [ROMWE] 2- Green Sweater 11.24£ [ROMWE] 3- Wine red knit 11.27£ [ROMWE]

Don’t they look really cosy? Guess what, the traditional knitwear continues to be a key player this Autumn and Winter. Not really a surprise to me, as they the best the best way to maintain yourself warm and cosy all season. From roll necks, chunky cable knits or oversized bateau sweaters, the choice is all yours as the knit trend is back on and it’s all about matching your silhouette but keeping the look it comfy, relaxed and outgoing. The range of colours can go from burgundy, khaki green, caramel, flame red, saffron, black, greys and creams.

Jackets & Coats
1- Grey wool blend coat 80£ [RIVERISLAND] 2- Suede Crop jacket 26.45£ [ROMWE] 3- Kimono Jacket [RIVERISLAND]

Coats, jackets nearly all of them are transferable from last years collection. The news in the high street shops are the suede jackets that are a transfer from Summer Festival Collections, it is not a jacket for a rainy day yet it is great for a cold windy day as it cuts the strikes of the wind. The first choice is just a simple long oversized blazer/coat that looks great in everyone and with nearly anything you’ve got on your wardrobe. As per my last choice, i just love the idea of Kimono meats the coat, i think it looks stylish and chic but also casual if you are pairing it with a pair of jeans.

Ponchos & Kimonos
1- Dark grey roll neck poncho 24.99£ [NEWLOOK] 2- Knitted Tassel Poncho 35£ [ACCESSORIZE]
3- Black jacket 60£ [RIVERISLAND]
This is one of the best way to layer up your knitwear in Autumn and Winter, it makes you look stylish and trendy, ready for a bonfire and cooler days. They are easy to wear over your shoulders, just like the blanket that you’re used to carry around the house (well at least i do that). You wear them with jeans with ripped knees for a more outdoorsy attire, some booties or some cosy flats.
The third choice was quite expensive, but can i just say how soft, warm and how cosy it feels when you try it on? And by the way it would totally work perfectly with the Accessorize feather hat (you’ll see above), just saying!

Shoes & Boots
1- Cat flats 26£ [SHEIN] 2- V boots 25.30£ [ROMWE] 3- Almond flats 36.67£ [SHEIN]
If you’ve read my #Back to school blog post you know i am a fan of the Melissa Cat ballerinas, but they are very expensive and i felt like it was way to much to buy even though they would be statement shoes. So i’ve searched for cheaper cat flats and i found this ones from which are also pretty cute. The three shoes i picked are a mixture of feminine and boyfriend look that can easyly match up with some jeans and a maxi sweater. If you are bold enough, you can try out some hiking boots with some extra-thick socks and a big old wool sweater for stylish yet confy look.
Bags, Backpacks & Satchels
1- Duffle bag 32£ [ACCESSORIZE] 2- Leather plaited backpack 82£ [ACCESSORIZE] 3- Pocket handheld bag 37£ [ACCESSORIZE]
These three are just purrfect if you are going to school or uni and feel like you dont need a big old backpack that screams out “BACK TO SCHOOL”. I was never a backpack girl, personally i used to hate buying backpacks so much as it didn’t appeal to me at all. I was always a satchel or duffle bag girl, so i was used to carry my small notebooks in the bag and a few books on my arms, not the best for your back to be honest. Every girl should have at least one black leather like backpack, it goes with everything when it comes to clothes and it is great to pack stuff for school as well.

Hats & Beanies
1- Spice Floopy Hat 29£ [ACCESSORIZE]  2- Contrast Faux Fur Pon Beanie 19£ [ACCESSORIZE]
3- Pheasant Feather Floopy hat 32£ [ACCESSORIZE]

I am 100% a hat lover! A hat completes a Fall like sunglasses complete Summer look, if you know what i mean. They warm you up, adds in style and a bit of colour to your outfit, help you the bad hair day and they scream Autumn all over the place.
The three items i’ve picked are from Accessorize new season collection, the floppy hats a slightly more expensive compared to beanies and wide brim hats but they are a fashion staple this Season. Accessorize can be quite expensive, though their products last a little bit more comparing to other high street stores like Primark or New Look. The colours selected were the ones that i saw in runways and Fashion magazines for the Season, 
1- Typical 70’s style floppy brown (tan) hat, i would wear it with a floral dress layered up with suede maxi coat and a pair of tanned boots. 
2- Just a simple beanie that you match up with a top, an oversized boyfriend flannel shirt, knee ripped jeans and a pair of boots. 
3- My favourite from the selection just because i love how the feather makes a statement, perfect to wear with a leather like skirt, maxi coat and knee high boots.
Hope the post has helped you in any way for your next trip to the high street, oh and if you are in the other side of the world and about to experience Summer here’s the link to the essentials for SUMMER or if you wanna check out Autumn makeup click HERE.
If you are starting School or University this month, i wish you all the best and step in it with right foot! Good luck!



  1. September 12, 2015 / 7:54 pm

    I love this post so much! Autumn is definitely the most underrated season in terms of fashion! xx

    • September 13, 2015 / 2:09 pm

      Thank you so much Lou 🙂

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