Christmas Eve pampering

Christmas Eve pampering
Let’s face it, even though Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year it is also the most stressful time of the year. At my house the whole family will gather around so that means that you have loads of mouths and stomachs to feed, i dont know about you but i always help out my nan and my mum in the kitchen and believe you me that even though i am a lover of the oven i end up my day wanting to through everything away.
So i always need some sort of relaxing time (me time), basically i either take and hour and a half before everyone arrives or i start my morning with pampering session so i am already relaxed for the day, to be fair i always go with the first option of pampering after everything is sorted.
Pampering can have various meanings to every single one of you, but to me it means Bath time, i choose the best combination of bath bombs and bubble bars i own and through it in a warm bath alongside some oils to moisture my body while i’m relaxing.


This combination is just perfect, it combines a moisturizer and uplifting effect from the bath oils; the berry scent from the “Conforter” bubble bar and the Citric scents of the “Dashing Santa” bath bomb, is just amazing.


A proper relaxing bath has to have a face mask and a scrub, well i am gonna sound like i’ve got some sort of sponsor from Lush but i just love their products when it comes to body works. My favourite face mask is from Lush and it’s called “Magnaminty”, it’s a deep-cleansing face which is made with China clay and fresh peppermint to reach deep down and pull dirt from the pores which gives you tingly-clean sensation.
As per the scrub i’ve recently been loving the Sugar Scrub from Lindex, i actually talked about this product in a previous favourites post, it smells great and to me the sugar is way better than the sea salt. I get loads of trapped hairs on my knees and this product really helps to get rid of them fairly easily.
Scents & Candles
Candles and music are must have around the bath, i just put my bathroom speaker on my Christmas playlist and lit up some tea light candles around the bathtub. Another must is something to entertain myself with just because i get anxious after a while with my eyes closed as my mind starts floating around and thinking about things that i should not actually be thinking about at that particular time, so i tend to take a book and a fashion/beauty magazine with me and sometimes i’d take my Ipad with me and watch comedy series (Modern family, Big Bang Theory, Scream queens, etc..).
After the bath, i moisturize with my lovely body butter from Victorias Secret and start on with my makeup look (which you’ll see tomorrow). I think most people do hair first and then makeup but i am the opposite, to me its easier to do my makeup first and then try on some hairstyles ’cause depending on which makeup look i’ll go for then i can chose if i like my hair up or down. Then its just dressing time and ta-daaaa your all ready to go.
Even though this sounds like a how to get ready blogpost, to me everytime i get ready for an event or even a simple family/friends gathering i tend not to take for myself and full on appreciate the pampering time so to me this sort of routine for Christmas day helps me out to enjoy myself more with no anxiety around.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family/loved ones! Whether your a subscriber or occasional reader, thank you so so much for sticking around with me throughout this year it has been such pleasure to share my thoughts with you all. xx


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